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What is a Dutch Style Aquascape?

A Dutch style aquascape is a vibrant and meticulously organised underwater garden, known for its lush, densely planted arrangement and its striking visual appeal. Originating from the Netherlands in the 1930s.

This aquascaping style focuses on the following three main points:

  1. Plant Diversity and Health: Dutch aquascapes prioritise a wide variety of healthy, robust plants. Each plant species is carefully selected and cultivated to ensure a diverse and thriving ecosystem. The health and vibrancy of the plants are paramount, often requiring precise fertilisation, CO2 supplementation, and lighting conditions.

  2. Structured Layout: The layout of a Dutch style aquascape is highly structured and symmetrical. Plants are often arranged in terraces or layers, with taller species at the back and shorter ones at the front. The use of contrasting colours and leaf shapes creates depth and visual interest, while maintaining a sense of order and balance.

  3. Focus on "Street" Design: A hallmark of Dutch aquascaping is the creation of "streets" or rows of plants. These streets guide the viewer’s eye through the aquascape, enhancing the sense of depth and perspective. By carefully positioning plants of varying heights and colours, aquarists can craft intricate and aesthetically pleasing patterns.

Aquarium Plants for a Dutch Style Aquascape

Creating a Dutch style aquascape requires careful selection and placement of various plant species to achieve the desired lush and structured look. On this page, you’ll find a curated selection of aquarium plants perfect for a Dutch style aquascape, along with tips on their care and arrangement. Whether you’re looking for vibrant foreground plants, midground fillers, or striking background species, we have everything you need to bring your underwater garden to life. Explore our plant categories and start designing your own Dutch style masterpiece today!

Lets start with a Scape we created in store 17th February 2024

Lets start with a Scape we created in store 17th February 2024

This is a Dutch style scape created by Claire using 9 different plants. We try our best to keep these plants in stock all of the time, so that you can recreate it if you want to. 


Plants used in this scape...

  • Rotala Blood red

  • Didiplis Diandra

  • Proserpinaca Palustris

  • Alternanthera reineckii mini

  • Bacopa

  • Rotala Macrandra

  • Pogostemon Helferi

  • Hygrophila lancea Pink Lady

  • Bacopa

Perfect Plants for a Dutch style scape

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