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Meet the Aquascapers - Stuart Turner from Turner Scapes

First ever Aquascape
My First Ever Scape

When did you start Keeping Fish and Why?

I have always had an interest in fish keeping since being very young and see my dads aquariums when we lived in Germany. From there, I got my very first fish (3 ft) tank in my bedroom at 11y/o keeping as many fish as I could.

After many years away from the hobby due to being in the army I rekindled my interest when I bought my first house and left the army. Starting to put a few plants in here and there all in 2nd hand 2ft or smaller aquariums. When I came across a aquascape aquarium online and fell in love with the idea. For a birthday the wife bought me a 230ltr AquaOne aquarium and this is when I set about creating my very first scape.


What made you start Aquascaping?

So around 2020 is when I really started thinking about more and more aquariums and creating some paludarium enclosures too for our crested geckos. I ended up having around 6 aquariums/paludariums in the house and Becky (wife) wanted her space back. So with that came the build of the studio and more aquariums and scapes.

What type of Aquascapes do you like?

I think I have a messy style of scaping. Natural always with wood and rock but more plants than you can count. Maybe it's a jungle type style. I like the fact that the tanks are so full of plants that you don't always see all the fish.

My favourite scape I have done is probably this one because of the shape of hardscape and how I really thought about the plants growing through and reaching over the top of the tank forwards. Below are photos of my favourite scape.

I suppose I should add that I don't always use conventional scaping materials and that many of my aquariums have pond soil, top soil and other things in the as a substrate.

Favourite Equipment at the moment

The equipment that I am really enjoying at the moment is the Superfish Scaper stuff. It's a great price and quality. The aquarium light is more than good enough for the plants considering I don't really use much co2 or any in that matter at the moment. (I have used it a few times previously).

I like to try and keep this very expensive hobby as cheap and as simple as I can.

You can follow Stuart and his scapes over on Facebook or Instagram. He also has videos on Youtube.



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