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Top Reasons why you should buy your fish from Byrkley Aquatics.

1 You have access to a family run business with over 30 years of fish keeping experience. 

2 You can choose fish from over 70 Tropical stock aquariums. Each is individually filtered, meaning that disease can not spread from one tank to another. 

3 All fish are sourced from quality suppliers, and are quarantined for at least 7 days before sold. 

4 Aquariums are regularly cleaned and maintained, with regular water quality checks. 

5 Our fish are fed a wide variety of foods, including dry, live and frozen. This means they are in top physical condition before they leave us. 

6 Lots of advice given in store, from how to care for your new fish, to suitable tanks mates. 

7 Coming soon! our new Beginners aftercare club.

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Established over 30 years, you can find out more about us here. We are based within Byrkley Garden Centre.

We stock Tropical and coldwater fish for indoor aquariums all year round. With all accessories required to keep them in tip top condition. 

We also have all you need for your water garden too, pumps, filtration, water features etc. Pond fish are seasonal, available normally from around March to October depending on the weather. 

If you are planning a longer journey it might be a good idea to contact us first to check we have what you need.  

Tropical Fish

We stock lots of Tropical fish especially through the Winter Months. 

Specialising in Betta Fish (Fighting Fish). We also have a good variety of Tetra, Barbs, and many other fish too. Now stocking shrimp and Stendker Discus too!

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Online booking for Fish disease Diagnosis and Water Testing 

Opening Hours

Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday

9.30am - 5.00pm

Sunday 10.30am - 4.00pm 

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