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Water Gardening and Garden Ponds

We have a good range of water gardening products throughout the year. With pond fish available from End of February till End of September depending on the weather. Please check availability if you are travelling far. 

We have one of the best selections of pond plants in the Burton on Trent area. 

Pond Plants and Water Lilies

Currently these are only available in store and are normally available from March through to end of September. Availability will be dependant on the current weather conditions.  

mini-Carex muskingumensis 1.JPG

Fish Disease Diagnosis

Pond fish are often suseptable to various parasite diseases. They can often be difficult to detect with the naked eye. 

Aqua Vet is our new Disease Diagnosis service, using a state of the art microscope to effectively diagnose fish diseases so that we can advice the best treatment to get your fish back to top health quickly. 

Pond Plants and Water Lilies

Looking for help and advice on water gardening and keeping pond fish then you need to check out our knowledge base articles. 

Garden Waterfall
Want to create a Wildlife Pond

Join up for a series of emails helping to you set up the perfect wildlife pond in your garden.

We will cover everything from choosing the best location, to selecting plants and attracting wildlife. 

Just fill in this form and the emails will be sent automatically. 

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