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Fish Disease Diagnosis - Aqua Vet

We are really pleased to be offering this new Fish Disease Diagnosis service very soon. 

We have always been available to help diagnose fish diseases, but now with this brand new Microscope, and veterinary grade medications we will be able to do this job so much better. 

You will be able to book a consultation with a member of staff via the website very soon. 

If you have a fish that you believe is unwell and need help with a diagnosis it might be time to get our help. 

Disease diagnosis can take a little time and we like to be thorough, so we have decided to only offer this service to those who book in advance. 

When online bookings open, you will be able to book the type of consultation that best suits your fish and the fish health concerns. 

Hopefully the booking system will be easy to navigate, if you have any questions please pop across an email

Bookings Now Open!

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