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Tropical Fish

With over 70 individually filtered tropical aquarium sales/stock tanks, we have the largest selection in the Burton on Trent area. 

We have lots of community fish, but also lots of more unusual fish too. We specialise in Betta Fish with between 20 and 40 Males in stock most of the time. We are also keeping a really good range of Nano fish in stock too. 

There are various own bred and local bred fish available. 

The links below will help you to find the information that you might need. 

Betta Fish

This page will give you an insight into Betta Fish or Fighting Fish as they are often known. 

Files and Packages
beginner guide to setting up an aquarium.jpg

Setting up a Tropical Aquarium

If you need some help with setting up your first Tropical Aquarium then this is guide for you. 

Downloadable step by step guide. 

Knowledge Base

Here you will find lots of useful information on all aspects of fish keeping. But there are lots of articles on Tropical Fish and Fish Keeping. 

Files and Packages
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