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Fish Disease Diagnosis & Fish Health Problems

Fish can and will have health issues and it is not always obvious what the problem is. Now you can use Fish Doctor Google, but mis-diagnosis can lead to further problems down the line. You could also go to the vets and pay a fairly large consultation fee or possibly be turned away due to lack of knowledge. 


With this in mind we now offer our own diagnosis service. We highly recommend that you book in for this service as we cannot always guarantee that there will be a member of staff available to help you without booking.  

Most common diseases in both aquarium and pond fish are caused mainly by parasites, there are many different ones. However parasites are fairly easy to treat with off the shelf medication, but for those parasites or other diseases that are harder to treat we stock a range of vetinary grade medication. 

If you are not sure about booking please contact us in store first. 

If you need any advice please email

Fish Doctor & Disease Diagnosis

Fish Health services

Your local fish health experts. With various treatment options available including vetinary grade treatments for stubborn disease problems. We are your local Fish Doctors or Fish Vets.

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