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Male Betta Fish - Siamese Fighters

There are various names for these lovely fish. We tend to call them Male Betta Fish, which comes from their Latin name Betta Splenden. They are also often called Siamese Fighting fish and fighting fish. 

We specialise in Betta Fish, keeping various colour strains of both Male and Female Fighters in stock at all times.

Stock will vary from week to week, so please call in advance if you are making a longer journey. Tel 01283 712924

We are now stocking Betta from various suppliers that we carefully select. These are stunning males stock will change daily. 

We get deliveries from Thailand, Indonesia, Sinagpore and Shri Lanka. With a new delivery arriving most weeks. We have over 30 Siamese Fighting fish for sale most of the time. 

Do you want to find out more about Betta Fish and how much they cost? Check out this recent Blog!

Siamese Fighting Fish for sale 

As our stock changes regularly I thought it would be a good idea to show some of the colour and tail options that you can find amongst our Betta fish for sale.  

Crowntail Male Betta, these can be really stunning looking fish. Will generally come in a variety of colours. We normally have these in stock at all times. 

Crowntail Male Betta

Full Moon Tail Male Betta, these have large rounded tails. Again will come in a variety of colours. We try to keep these in stock at all times, but they are more expensive than the Crowntail Betta. 

Moon Tail Male Betta

We try to post photos regularly to our Facebook page of our current availability of Male fighters. You can see the latest ones here!

All of our Betta fish need to be seen the flesh, as they can look very different due to lighting and aquarium conditions. We are located in the Midlands and are easy to find. 

Currently all our Betta Fish are available for collection only. There are lots of regulations around transport of fish. With many online sellers not using licensed and approved shipping methods, for this reason we have decided to stay collection only. 

If you see a fish you like we will reserve up to 10days as long as you pay a deposit. Pop us a message if you need anymore details. 

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