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Aquarium Plants & Aquascaping

Keeping fish in an aquarium has become so much more than just fish in a tank. Over our 35+ years in business, things have changed so much. Often the plants are more important than the fish. 

Hopefully this page will point you in the right direction for key information to help you choose, plants and equipment. Whether you are starting your first scape or your fiftieth scape. 

Can't find what you are looking for pop us a message. 

Aquarium Plants

If you are looking for information on different types of aquarium plants then you need to check out our knowledge base. We are regularly adding blogs on different varieties of plants. 

Files and Packages


Looking for some general advice, information and inspiration? 

Check out our knowledge base

Buy Online

Explore all plants available for online purchase and any equipment you might need to get a new set up started.

CO2 Equipment

Aquarium Plants

Stunning Aquael Planted scape by Daniel Earl
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