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RO Water Now Available in store

RO Water - Reverse Osmosis Water

What is RO Water?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) water is water that has been purified through a process that removes most impurities and dissolved minerals. This process involves pushing water through a semi-permeable membrane, which filters out contaminants, leaving you with highly purified water.


Why Use RO Water in Aquariums?

  1. Purity: RO water is almost free from chemicals, heavy metals, and other impurities. This purity makes it ideal for sensitive aquatic species.

  2. Control: It allows hobbyists to have complete control over the water parameters by adding minerals and other elements as needed.

  3. Consistency: Using RO water ensures that the water quality remains consistent, which is crucial for the health of tropical fish and shrimp.

Now available in store!

We now have our RO unit up and running. So you can purchase a container and water or bring your own container for a refill.

Containers available in 10 litres or 25 litres, buy your first container and get it filled for FREE for the first fill. 

Prices of RO Water as follows : 

1 litre = 25p per litre

10 litre = £1.80

25 litre = £3.50

Please check availability before travelling a long way. We have limited in store storage. Or leave your containers with us to fill and collect later.  

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