Pond Plants

If you are ready to get out in your garden and do some work, you may be looking at tidying up your garden pond. We are expecting our first delivery of Pond Plants very soon. There will be various varieties available to choose from including Marginal, Oxygenators, Deep water and Water Lilies. You can find out more below. 

Marginal Pond Plants

There are a huge range of Marginal Pond plants available in season. We are expecting our first small delivery very soon. 

Marginal Plants are plants that will normally sit on the shelves of a pond, maximum depth usually about 6-8" (10cm). This will depend on the individual plant variety, always check the labels for planting depths. 

These will be delivered to us in various sizes of pot from the very young plants in a 9cm pot up to the larger more mature plants in a 5litre pot. Prices for our Mariginal Plants start from £3.95.

Some plants that will be available

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Deep water Plants

These will include various plants that as the name states like deeper water often up to 1m deep. 

Plants like Aponogeton and Water lilies. Again we are expecting a delivery very soon, they are usually available in 1litre, 3 litre and 5litre pots. Prices from £9.95

Oyxgenating Plants

There are quiet a few different oxygenating plants to choose from. They are extremely beneficial to your pond as they feed on the nutrients from the water and help to keep the green algae at bay. The also make more of a natural environment for your pond fish and put oxygen in to the water for them.

They are best when potted as you can keep them where you want them and they will also grow better with the nutrients in the soil. 

We are normally able to get some bunched varieties and some potted varieties. Bunches are from £2.95 Pots are from £3.95.