5 Top Tips for Feeding your Tropical Fish

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

5 Top Tips for Feeding your Tropical Fish

We often get asked about the best food to feed Tropical fish on, so we thought this might help you.

🐟Feed a good staple fish food – now this could be flake food, but we generally recommend a pellet food especially for those new to fish keeping. You are less likely to overfeed. Staple foods have all of the nutrients that the fish need to survive.

🐟Make sure that you are feeding the correct type of food for the fish you are keeping. There are vegetable foods and meaty foods, so depending on the fish you keep you need to choose the right one. For example Molly are vegetarian and really love plant based foods. Also consider that bottom feeding fish will need sinking food occasionally.

🐟Colours enhancing foods – Most tropical fish will benefit from colour enhancing foods, they have different minerals etc that helps to keep your fish in good colour. It is particularly important when you have Male Betta, Guppy, many tetra etc.

🐟Live Food, Frozen or Freeze Dried Foods – These are really high in protein and are an important addition to the diet of all fish. They are good for the digestive system and can help to stop, gut infections, swim bladder issues and constipation. They are great for enhancing the colour of your fish, as well as getting the fish into good breeding condition.

🐟The last tip is to mix up the foods a bit. Do not always feed the same type of food all of the time. We don’t really know if fish get bored, but change in diet has lots of benefits as already shown above. If you have any questions about the foods we sell, give us a shout below.

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