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Meet the Aquascapers, Gareth from Aquascape GB

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

We will be welcoming Gareth into our store in January 2023. He is coming to our store with 3 other guys to create some more great aquascapes for us. This event is all about the small tanks. Nano tanks, inspiring our customers and creating some great displays.

Natural Scape

When did you start keeping fish?

I originally began keeping fish when I was around 12 years old. However, this was a bit hit and miss with limited success.

I’ve always had an interest in fish keeping and aquatic life, I’m a keen fisherman too!

When did you start Aquascaping?

I initially became interested again in fish keeping back at the start of 2022. I stumbled across some incredible pictures of different aquascapes and was really drawn to the idea of creating my own Iwagumi.

I started watching lots of videos, reading articles and connecting with scapers on Instagram.

I then invested in a tank, light and filter and began to plan out my first scape. This process took 4 months and my current Iwagumi has been running for 7 months.

I’ve now fallen fowl to ‘Multiple Tank Syndrome’ and have a second scape in development.

Iwagumi style

What are your Favourite Fish?

It has to be the Celestial Pearl Danio. What an incredible fish. I have a real passion for nano fish and this is definitely one of my favourites.

Ady Myers scapes

Scaping Inspiration

I think it has to be Ady Myers’ Iwagumi that he created with rhino stone. A stunning scape and in my eyes Ady is the most talented scaper in the country.

What is your Favourite Product?

My favourite product definitely has to be my Seachem - Algae Scraper. I wouldn’t be without it and it does an incredible job in keeping the glass pristine.

Aquascape GB

If you want to find out more about Gareth's Aquascaping journey, you can find him over on Instagram here .

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