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Cryptocoryne Flamingo


Introducing the Cryptocoryne Flamingo, a mesmerising aquarium plant that will infuse your aquatic sanctuary with a touch of exotic elegance. Named for its captivating pinkish hues, this plant is a sought-after gem in the world of aquascaping, adding an alluring and unique dimension to your underwater paradise.



Elevate your aquarium's allure with the Cryptocoryne Flamingo. Whether you're creating a biotope-inspired aquascape or simply seeking a conversation starter for your underwater world, this plant is the perfect choice. Secure yours today and let the captivating beauty of Cryptocoryne Flamingo turn your aquarium into an enchanting aquatic haven.


Product Details Invitro Cup:

  • Each Cup has 6-8 plants in.

  • Plug-and-Play: Each plant comes in a sealed, gel-filled cup, complete with its own nutrient-rich substrate. No more messy planting or troublesome algae issues. Just open the cup, rinse the gel off the roots, and plant directly in your substrate.

  • Pristine and Pesticide-Free: Invitro plants are meticulously cultivated in a sterile laboratory environment, ensuring they are free of pests, diseases, and algae. You can confidently add them to your aquarium without fear of introducing unwanted guests.


Note: Each Cryptocoryne Flamingo is a unique creation of nature, and as such, individual plants may exhibit slight variations in color and size. However, every one of them guarantees a captivating and extraordinary presence in your aquarium.



Cryptocoryne Flamingo invitro pot

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  • Care Level: Extremely beginner-friendly, suitable for aquarists with various levels of expertise.

  • Lighting: Moderate to low lighting conditions are ideal, helping to enhance the pinkish coloration of the leaves.

  • Water Conditions: Thrives in freshwater aquariums with a temperature range of 72-82°F (22-28°C) and a slightly acidic to neutral pH.

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