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Cryptocoryne Petchii Pink, a charming aquatic plant originating from Southeast Asia, brings a delightful touch of subdued elegance to your aquascape. Characterised by its striking pink hues and wavy leaf structure, this Cryptocoryne variety adds a gentle pop of color to the underwater landscape. The compact nature of Cryptocoryne Petchii Pink makes it an ideal choice for midground placement, offering a harmonious transition between foreground and background elements. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this plant is renowned for its hardiness and adaptability to various water conditions, making it suitable for aquarists of all levels. Including Cryptocoryne Petchii Pink in your aquascape not only introduces a captivating visual element but also contributes to the overall tranquility and balance of your aquatic environment.


Invitro Cup:

  • Each Cup has 6-8 plants in.

  • Plug-and-Play: Each plant comes in a sealed, gel-filled cup, complete with its own nutrient-rich substrate. No more messy planting or troublesome algae issues. Just open the cup, rinse the gel off the roots, and plant directly in your substrate.

  • Pristine and Pesticide-Free: Invitro plants are meticulously cultivated in a sterile laboratory environment, ensuring they are free of pests, diseases, and algae. You can confidently add them to your aquarium without fear of introducing unwanted guests.


Invitro Pots are snail and pest free. Find out more about Invitro pots here!


Cryptocoryne Petchii Pink is your ticket to introducing subtle elegance and tranquility to your aquascape. With its eye-catching pink tones, ease of care, and versatility in placement, this Cryptocoryne variety is a valuable addition for aquarists aiming to create a visually enchanting and balanced underwater masterpiece. Embrace the allure of Cryptocoryne Petchii Pink in your aquarium today!

Cryptocoryne Petchii Pink Invitro pot

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  • Subdued Pink Elegance: Cryptocoryne Petchii Pink introduces a touch of subtle elegance with its captivating pink hues and gracefully wavy leaf structure. Its compact form makes it an excellent choice for adding gentle pops of color to the midground of your aquascape.

  • Versatile Midground Placement: Ideal for creating a seamless transition between foreground and background elements, Cryptocoryne Petchii Pink offers versatility in aquascape design. Its moderate height and eye-catching color make it a standout feature in any aquarium.

  • Hardy and Adaptable: Known for its hardiness, this Cryptocoryne variety is well-suited for aquarists of all levels. It thrives in low to moderate light conditions and requires minimal CO2 supplementation, making it an excellent choice for various setups.

  • Contributes to Aquatic Tranquility: Beyond aesthetics, Cryptocoryne Petchii Pink plays a role in maintaining a tranquil and balanced aquatic environment. Its lush foliage provides shelter and a comfortable retreat for aquarium inhabitants.

  • Effortless Propagation: Expand the pink allure in your aquascape with ease through rhizome division, ensuring a flourishing underwater garden.

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