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Didiplis Diandra invitro pot


Elevate your aquatic oasis with the exquisite Didiplis Diandra, a captivating aquatic plant that will add a burst of vibrant color and elegance to your aquarium. With its striking red and green foliage and delicate appearance, this plant is a sought-after gem for aquarists seeking to create a lush, captivating underwater environment.


Product Details Invitro Cup:

  • Each Cup has 6-8 plants in.

  • Plug-and-Play: Each plant comes in a sealed, gel-filled cup, complete with its own nutrient-rich substrate. No more messy planting or troublesome algae issues. Just open the cup, rinse the gel off the roots, and plant directly in your substrate.

  • Pristine and Pesticide-Free: Invitro plants are meticulously cultivated in a sterile laboratory environment, ensuring they are free of pests, diseases, and algae. You can confidently add them to your aquarium without fear of introducing unwanted guests.


Elevate your aquarium's allure with the striking Didiplis Diandra. Whether you're designing a lush, vibrant underwater jungle or creating a minimalist aquascape, this plant is the perfect choice to add a burst of colour and sophistication to your aquatic masterpiece. Secure yours today and let Didiplis Diandra's captivating beauty transform your aquarium into a stunning underwater wonderland.


Note: Each Didiplis Diandra plant is a unique creation of nature, and individual specimens may display slight variations in color and size. However, they all promise a captivating and extraordinary presence in your aquarium.

Didiplis Diandra invitro pot

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Spectacular Red and Green Foliage: Didiplis Diandra is renowned for its fiery red and lush green leaves, creating a captivating contrast that will transform your aquarium into a breathtaking aquatic paradise.

Moderate Growth Rate: This plant's moderate growth rate ensures that it won't overpower your tank too quickly, allowing for precise aquascape design and maintenance.

Versatile Placement: Use Didiplis Diandra as a midground or background plant to add depth and texture to your aquascape. Its delicate, fine leaves create an enchanting visual effect.

Enhanced Water Quality: Beyond its visual appeal, this plant actively contributes to improved water quality by absorbing excess nutrients and releasing oxygen into the water, benefitting the overall health of your aquatic inhabitants.

Ease of Propagation: Propagating Didiplis Diandra is straightforward, enabling you to expand your underwater garden or share this striking plant with fellow aquarists.

Optional CO2 and Nutrient Supplementation: While Didiplis Diandra can thrive in a standard aquarium setup, it may benefit from moderate CO2 injection and nutrient supplementation to enhance its growth and coloration. Aquarists with some experience can experiment with these factors for optimal results.

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