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Product Name: Eleocharis Parvula Aquarium Plant


Eleocharis Parvula: The Aquascaper's Secret to Sublime Simplicity


Eleocharis Parvula, also known as Dwarf Hairgrass, is the aquascaper's hidden gem, offering a touch of simplicity that can transform any aquarium into a captivating underwater haven. Originating from North America, this petite, grass-like plant is celebrated for its slender blades and verdant charm. It adds a touch of natural elegance to your aquascape while fostering a sense of spaciousness and serenity. What makes Eleocharis Parvula truly exceptional is its versatility and functionality. Its low-profile, carpet-like growth is perfect for creating a lush foreground, and it provides an ideal habitat for small aquatic creatures. With minimal care requirements and adaptability to various water conditions, this plant is a wise choice for aquarists of all levels. Elevate the aesthetics and well-being of your aquarium with Eleocharis Parvula, where simplicity and natural beauty meet in perfect harmony.


Invitro Cup:

  • Each Cup has 6-8 plants in.

  • Plug-and-Play: Each plant comes in a sealed, gel-filled cup, complete with its own nutrient-rich substrate. No more messy planting or troublesome algae issues. Just open the cup, rinse the gel off the roots, and plant directly in your substrate.

  • Pristine and Pesticide-Free: Invitro plants are meticulously cultivated in a sterile laboratory environment, ensuring they are free of pests, diseases, and algae. You can confidently add them to your aquarium without fear of introducing unwanted guests.


Invitro Pots are snail and pest free. Find out more about Invitro pots here!


Elevate your aquarium's allure with the delicate grace of Eleocharis Parvula. Whether you're designing a carpeted substrate or enhancing your aquascape with a natural look, this plant is the perfect choice. Secure yours today and watch as Eleocharis Parvula transforms your aquarium into a stunning underwater wonderland.


Note: Each Eleocharis Parvula plant is unique in its own right, and individual specimens may display slight variations in height and appearance. However, they all promise to bring a captivating and enchanting presence to your aquarium.

Eleocharis Parvula Invitro

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Stunning Carpet Effect: Eleocharis Parvula is famed for its ability to create a lush, carpet-like appearance in your aquarium, providing a stunning visual canvas for your aquatic inhabitants.

Moderate Growth Rate: With a moderate growth rate, this plant is perfect for aquarists looking to maintain precise control over their aquascape design. It won't overgrow your tank too quickly.

Versatile Placement: Use Eleocharis Parvula in the foreground or midground of your aquarium to add depth and texture. Its slender, grassy leaves create an enchanting visual effect.

Natural Habitat Aesthetics: Originating from wetlands and shallow waters, this plant brings a touch of authenticity to your aquatic environment, mimicking the natural look and feel of its native habitats.

Enhanced Water Quality: Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Eleocharis Parvula contributes to improved water quality by absorbing excess nutrients, helping to maintain a balanced and healthy aquatic ecosystem.

Low Maintenance: This plant is relatively low-maintenance, making it suitable for aquarists of varying experience levels. It thrives in a standard aquarium setup.

Optional CO2 and Nutrient Supplementation: For enhanced growth and lushness, consider supplementing with CO2 and nutrients. More experienced aquarists can experiment with these factors to achieve optimal results.

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