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Ludwigia Mini Super Red Potted Aquarium Plant: A Radiant Splash of Color for Your Aquascape


Introducing the Ludwigia Mini Super Red, showcased in a meticulously nurtured potted form, this aquarium plant is your key to infusing vibrant hues into your underwater haven. Also known as Red Ludwigia, this potted aquatic gem brings a radiant splash of color and dynamic growth to your aquascape. Elevate your aquarium aesthetics with the Ludwigia Mini Super Red, where easy care meets a burst of captivating crimson brilliance.


Prepping for Aquarium Placement:


  • Before placing potted aquarium plants into your tank, it's crucial to remove them from their pots and thoroughly rinse off the soil or substrate they may be potted in. Gently shake or rinse the roots to remove excess debris without damaging them. Trim any damaged or overly long roots to encourage healthy growth. If the plant is held together by a foam or mesh material, be sure to remove it carefully to prevent it from decomposing in the aquarium.
  • When planting in the main aquarium, consider the specific needs of each plant species regarding light, substrate, and water conditions. Secure the plants in the substrate or attach them to decorations using aquarium-safe methods like plant weights or tie them to rocks or driftwood. Monitor the plants closely after planting to ensure they adapt well to their new surroundings.
  • You can often split potted plants into 2 or 3 individual plants to spread around your aquascape.


The Ludwigia Mini Super Red Potted Aquarium Plant invites you to elevate your aquascape effortlessly. Whether serving as a captivating background display or enhancing the midground, this aquatic gem transforms your aquarium into a radiant symphony of colors. Embrace the dynamic growth and captivating beauty of the Ludwigia Mini Super Red and cultivate an underwater realm that radiates vibrancy and aquatic elegance.


Ludwigia Mini Super Red potted plant

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Product Details:

  • Scientific Name: Ludwigia Mini Super Red
  • Common Name: Red Ludwigia
  • Cultivation Method: Potted
  • Portion Size: Single Plant
  • Growth Difficulty: Moderate
  • Light Requirement: Medium to High
  • CO2 Requirement: Low to Moderate
  • pH Range: 6.0 - 7.5
  • Temperature Range: 72°F - 82°F (22°C - 28°C)
  • Plant Placement: Background or Midground
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