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5 Things to do in your Garden Pond or Water Garden in the Winter.

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Things to do in your pond in the winter

Preparing your Garden Pond for the Winter

As the temperature drops it is a good idea to prepare your Water Garden for the winter months.

Autumn winter pond food

1) In the colder months only feed your Pond Fish specially formulated winter foods, these are easy for the fish to digest at a lower water temperature. From around the middle of September you really need to be feeding a good quality Winter Wheat germ food. Always check the nutritional values on the food bags. When the water temperature drops below 9C then you should stop feeding completely till the Spring.

2) Remove any plant debris and leaves from your pond, including any silt that has built up over the year. A pond Vacuum is the best way to do this. They are available to hire or buy in store. Cover with a net to stop leaves from trees from falling in. This will not only keep your pond cleaner, but it will stop pollution from rotting organic matter. Which can also reduce the oxygen levels in your pond too.

3) Keep an area free from ice on your pond at all times. This is important so that oxygen is easily dissolved on the water surface. It will also allow any poisonous gases to escape from the pond. The best way to do this is by using a pond heater, this only needs to be used when a frost is forecast and will keep a small area ice free.

4) Make sure there is an area for the fish to shelter after your pond plants have died back. An upside down terracotta pot would do the trick. This gives them a safe place to rest through the winter.

5) Make sure that you drain and clean any outdoor water features. This will ensure they do not get damaged or crack on frosty nights. If they can be stored inside that is best, but wrapping in bubble wrap is a good idea if they need to remain outside or in a garage.

Hope these few things help you to get your water garden through the winter months. Looking forward to the warmer spring months coming soon.

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