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What can I do to clear the Green water in the Garden Pond?

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Green water Algae in your Garden Pond

Its Summertime, the time of Green water

Its that time of year when all the ponds start to go green. Although the fish do not mind the green water, its not so nice to look at plus you cannot see your fish.

There are various solutions to the seasonal green water problem.

Natural Solutions for Green water

If you are looking for a natural solution firstly make sure that you have lots of plants in your pond. In particular under water oxygenating plants. These will grow quickly and will feed on the same nutrients as the algae, therefore starving it of food. Although plants are the most natural option it can be quite difficult to get the right balance. Another natural solution is to use Barley Straw pouches or liquid extract. These change the water chemistry which gradually inhibits the algae growth.

Chemical Based Solutions for Green Water.

If you want something that works a bit quicker and more effectively then you would need to consider chemical based treatment. There are various products to choose from that work best when the pond has a pump of filter system. All of these types of treatments will need to be used on a regular basis throughout the summer season to keep the green water at bay.

If you want to stop the green water from forming then the best option would be an UV light unit. The water passes through a glass tube past the light. This eliminates the algae growth. UV bulbs need to be replaced at the beginning of every Spring to get the best results. It is important to make sure that you have the right size unit for the volume of water in your pond. Also consider the depth of the water as shallow water will go green quicker than deep water as the sunlight can penetrate further.

The Ultimate Green Water Solution.

If you were looking for the ultimate solution a well planted pond with a good selection of marginal, oxygenators and deep water plants would be best. Fitted with a good pump and filtration system with a combined UV unit.

If you need any further advice on choosing the right option for you, please give us a call on 01283 712924 or email



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