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Meet the Aquascapers - James Dyer - Fish Torque

Can you tell me a bit about yourself and how you got into the hobby?

I kind of got thrown into the hobby I had to look after my dads tank for a few months and I started buying fish to go in there then I fell down the rabbit hole and got hooked.

How long you have kept fish?

I've never really been much of a fish keeper more an Aquascaper. I've been Aquascaping for the past 6 years. Had several tanks through 2020.

How many tanks do you have? I have 2 at the moment. I have a shallow tank and a macro algae tank

Your favourite fish?

Oo that's a tricky one I love rainbow fish my dream is a 1200cm aquascape with loads of rainbow fish.

Favourite plant?

Its got to be Rotala H'ra I love the vibrant red colours you can achieve.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I do to have to say nature, but no I will be honest social media. I think there's no shame in saying it as well there's so many amazing aquascapes on there that you can take inspiration from.

We are so happy to have been able to get help from some great scapers for our store. James' display will be on show in store from 25th November 2023 along with some other really great scapes from our new found aquascaping friends.


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