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Meet the Aquascapers, Stu from Stuscapes.

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

For as long as I can remember fishkeeping has pretty much been part of my life, I have fond memories of my Dad’s fancy goldfish & tropical fish as a child. And I guess that’s were the passion came from. The fascination of all things aquatic has even bled into my professional life in the water industry.

Despite having been a fishkeeper for most of my life I’ve only really been aquascaping for about 5 years now. I was fortunate enough to visit the green machine before its closure & see their amazing aquascapes up close. It was then I realised aquascaping was something I wanted to do.

Its was James Findleys' aquascapes that were my first real inspiration, but one of the things I enjoy the most is that inspiration can be found everywhere. I love admiring other peoples work & taking inspiration form them.

My favourite product are the Oase Biomaster Thermo filter’s. There just great for aquascaping & extremely easy to maintain.

Stu we got a chance to visit Green machine too, it was amazing and so inspiring. We nearly came back and changed the whole shop to plants only, but it would have been a big commitment.

Find out more about Stu and all of his scapes by following him on Instagram.


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